MSC Experience

At MSC, we believe that learning must be fun and joyful. We aim to provide a holistic learning environment to develop the whole child and bring out the best in every one of them. Through our holistic approach to grow our students, we aspire to see our students grow and be nurtured to be change makers in the heart of every community.

We provide a balanced and holistic curriculum to  

1. build good character and citizens for the future of Cambodia
2. develop resilience and social-emotional wellbeing through Leadership Development* 
3. grow 21st Century Skills for future readiness* 

Let’s Explore with us now!

Building good Character and good citizens

  • Values, and Education
  • Career guidance
  • Student development programmes (Camps/BB/GB/Media etc)

Resilience and social-emotional wellbeing through leadership development

  • Youth Leadership through BB/GB
  • Service to Community
  • Learning Adventures

21st Century Skills for future readiness

  • Critical and Inventive Thinking (Computer/Academic)
  • Global Awareness and Cross-Cultural Skills (Overseas Exchange)
  • Communication, Collaboration and Information skills (Enrichment and Class Group Learning, Public Speaking)