Holistic Growth

Learning in MSC is more than just the classroom lessons. It is about the learning experiences we can create to develop our students in the physical, intellectual, emotional, social and even spiritual areas.


[Alumni Impacting Communities]

Over the last 25 years, MSC has had the privilege of building character, imparting values, and fostering educational excellence. It is an affordable private school which has seen about 15,000 students of different faiths and walks of life passing through its gates. Our alumni are our pride and greatest testimony of the MSC vision. We are able to celebrate how many of our students have gone on to be an impact in the heart of their communities as people of reputable character. Many alumni have pursued an array of meaningful careers, as entrepreneurs, leaders in civil society organizations, and in the private sector, arising to shine for God in the local community.

Leading BB&GB

This video will be showing you how impacts our alumni in society.